Welcome to GarJournal.com. 

This site is dedicated to telling the story of my journey to catch the Georgia's State Record Longnose Gar.  This obsession began in August of this year when I purchased my first boat, a 2006 TRACKER Pro Teamâ„¢ 190 TX.  I invited a good friend to go fishing a couple weeks later.  He used to be in Bass Busters and knew his way around most of the Lakes here in Georgia.  We started off the morning fishing for Bass in our "secret location" and noticed the water was boiling with fish jumping.  We thought they were bass or hybrids until we got one hooked.  I was fishing with 8lb line and got a monster.  I thought I had a world record bass until it surfaced at the boat.  It was then I realized it was a Gar.  I didn't get a single one in the boat that day, they seemed to spit the hook out at will.  I did however get the fever to catch one of freshwaters ultimate sportfish. You can track my journey in the Journal section of this site.