Longnose Gar Fishing Tips

Live Bait

Longnose gar are rarely caught on hook and line because of their hard, bony jaws. Live minnows and shad fished between 1ft-2ft below a bobber will almost guarantee a bite.  Fishing this method requires small, strong and extremely sharp hooks with a metal leader. (Some people don't like using a leader, in this case just use a higher lb test line) You MUST let the Gar take the bait and swallow it. This could take a minute or two.

The Hookless Lure

This is by far the easiest way to catch a gar.  Checkout The Lure section of this site.

A Good Net

This may sound like common sense but make sure you have a good size net to land the Gar.  You will not be able to pull him in the boat like you would a small bass or crappie by lifting him with the rod.  You will need to net your freshwater sportfish in order to get him in the boat.


Better to be safe than sorry...  Use gloves have you seen all those teeth!