About the Journal

Journal Name: Governance Accounting Archive Review

Print ISSN: 3006-2527

Online ISSN: 3006-2519


Publication frequency- 4 Issues Per Year 

The Governance Accounting Archive Review (GAAR) is a peer-reviewed academic journal that publishes original research on the intersection of governance and accounting. The journal is published by the American Accounting Association's Governance and Accounting Section.


The GAAR publishes research on a wide range of topics related to governance and accounting, including:


The GAAR is targeted at academics, practitioners, and policymakers who are interested in the relationship between governance and accounting. The journal also publishes articles that are of interest to a broader audience, such as business executives, investors, and journalists.

Submission process

The GAAR is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal. All submissions are reviewed by two experts in the field of governance and accounting. The journal has a relatively high acceptance rate, with about 25% of submissions being accepted for publication.

Publication frequency

The GAAR is published Quarterly Published .

Editorial board

The GAAR is edited by a distinguished team of scholars from around the world. The editorial board is responsible for setting the journal's editorial policy and overseeing the review process.